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Ports of Call - Central & West Mediterranean
  Alicante, Spain
Alicante is one of the most well-known towns on the Costa Blanca. Situated between the mountains and the sea on Spain's coast, it owes its name to the white-sand beaches that stretch for miles. Alicante has an impressive harbor with a wide strolling esplanade, plenty of first-class shopping, popular beaches, and the region's famed paella.
Alicante harbor
  Almeria (Alhambra Palace), Spain
The beginning point of a full-day excursion to Granada and famous Alhambra Palace. Alhambra was started as late as 13th century but it consists of palaces built by several rulers, each had his own. The carrying idea behind several of the buildings of Alhambra is nothing less than an attempt to create a duplica of Paradise on earth. The romantic design is made up of a mixture of slender columnar arcades, fountains, and light-reflecting water basins.
Alhambra Palace
  Barcelona, Spain
This is one of the most beloved cities in the Mediterranean. Las Ramblas and Gaudi's Segrada Familia Church are among the favorite sights. Many galleries and the Picasso museum make it an art lover's dream. Obsessed with playful and radical interpretations of everything from painting to theater to urban design and development, Barcelona consistently surprises itself in its constant quest for emotion and self-renewal.
Gaudi architecture
  Cadiz (Seville), Spain
Spain's gateway to the Atlantic, Cadiz welcomes you to 3,000 years of history and to the nearby city of Seville, famed for its bullfights, flamenco and flower-filled patios. Columbus crossed the ocean blue from Andalusia, forever tying the Americas to Seville.
  Casablanca, Morocco
Bordered by the omnipresent Atlas Mountains and the warm waters of the Atlantic, this area known as "Casa" is a desert oasis and Africa's second largest city. Casablanca is a modern city with beaches bordering the Atlantic and broad, tree-lined avenues. The city is also your gateway to Morocco's interior and the exotic "Imperial Cities" of Rabat and Marrakech.
Hassan Mosque
  Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy
For centuries the ancient port of Civitavecchia has served as the gateway to magnificent Rome. Rome with more than 2,500 years of history under its belt, has an incredible amount of things to do and see. The Catacombs, the Spanish Steps, the Colosseum, Vatican City... and much, much more. If you can't see it all (or want to see it again), throw a few lire in the Trevi Fountain. Legend says visitors who do will one day return. And yes, you'll need lots of film.
Rome Coliseum
  Genoa, Italy
Genoa is "the most winding, incoherent of cities, the most entangled topographical ravel in the world." So said Henry James, and the city is still marvellously eclectic, full of pace and rough-edged style. Sprawled behind the huge port – Italy's largest and an increasingly popular stopoff for international cruise liners – is a dense and fascinating warren of medieval alleyways, a district which has more zest than all the coastal resorts put together.
Genoa waterfront
Gibraltar dominates the entrance to the Mediterranean between the southern tip of Spain and the continent of Africa. Both famous and enigmatic, Gibraltar contains some of the most extensive military fortifications in Europe, spanning over 1200 years of Moorish, Spanish and British history. Tourists can enjoy some of the finest caves in Europe as well as the famous semi-wild apes.
The Rock of Gibraltar
  Granada, Spain
Granada is one of the pearls of Spain, most visited by tourists from all the world. The long-time capital of Moorish Andalusia has to offer the most important reminds of this epoch in Spanish history, with the world-famous "Alhambra" at the top of the list.
Flaminco dancer
  Ibiza, Spain
The night life and the beach are the two hypnotic attractions that have attributed to Ibiza an almost mythical status for summer vacations, leaving other values, such as cultural ones, in an undeserved second place. The crystal clear water, the welcoming spaces where the white sand or the cobbles invite us to swim, the intimate landscape where we take communion with nature... are enough reasons to compare the coast of this island with a description of paradise in the Balearics.
Ibiza beach
  La Goulette (Tunis), Tunisia
African and Arabic hospitality await you in exotic Tunis, on the coast of North Africa. Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, actually consists of three cities: the modern Capital City of the Tunisian Republic, with its wide streets, skyscrapers and busy sidewalk cafes; the Arabic Medina (Old Town) from the Middle Ages, an exciting labyrinth laden with secrets, narrow alleyways, small shops, huge mosques and palaces and finally Carthage, the ancient Phoenician - Roman city, which lies 18 km from the city.
  LaValletta, Malta
A visit to the bustling streets will bring you to view the Barracca Gardens that command a breathtaking panorama of the Grand Harbour and then to St John's Co Cathedral, adorned in riches that date back to the Knights of Malta including the world famous Caravaggio painting that is on display in the Oratory of this Cathedral. An excursion to the central part of Malta is dominated by the ancient citadel of Mdina. The narrow streets of Mdina, the ‘silent city', bring you to the cathedral and the imposing bastions with a magnificent view of most of the island.
Palace Guard
 Lisbon, Portugal
Portugal’s capital is an 18th-century city - elegant, open to the sea and carefully planned. Most places of interest are within easy walking distance. Rossio Square, the heart of Lisbon since medieval times, is an ideal place to start exploring. Many rebuilt houses with original façades provide stores and restaurants with modern interiors. High above Baixa is Bairro Alto - with its teeming nightlife. There are many monuments and museums, such as San Jeronimos Monastery, Royal Coach Museum and Gulbenkian Museum. Two well-known landmarks are the Monument to the Discoveries and the Tower of Belem. A statue of Christ looms above Europe’s longest suspension bridge.
LIS Tower of Belem
  Malaga, Spain
Located in Eastern Andalusia, the territory of Malaga is divided into two clearly differentiated landscapes: the marine littoral, the Costa del Sol, washed by the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea; and the mountains, the southern part of the Penibética Mountain Range, made up by a succession of valleys and mountains.
  Marseille, France
You will appreciate Marseilles, an ancient Phoenician city with 26 centuries of history and you will discover its archeological richness, evident even in the center of town. Notre Dame de la Garde towers over the largest port city of France and protects the fisherman. It is the gateway to Provence which inspried the famous landscapes of Van Gogh and Cezanne.
Marseille port
  Naples, Italy
Neapolis: the new city. The origins of the city are very ancient. It is an extraordinary historical and cultural centre, with cuisine and musical traditions successfully exported all over the world. Naturally, Pompeii is worth mentioning. Its museum is the most visited in Italy. A sudden eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD destroyed the town, which was covered by a thick layer of ash.
Pompeii, Italy
  Nice, France
Dodge the roller-bladers along Nice's famous Promenade des Anglais and head for this French Riviera resort's old town just behind the remaining city walls. Here will you find antique stores, food markets, cafes and restaurants for every taste. While in Nice there is also the chance to visit Monte Carlo and the French Riveria.
Nice riviera
  Palermo, Sicily
A beautiful and intriguing mix of cultures Palermo is the capital of the Italian island, Sicily, an island renowned as a vacation destination due to its great beauty and historical significance.  Once an important Mediterranean centre, Palermo still displays the grandeur of its former greatness. The area has been dominated by many civilizations over the centuries, including the Romans, Carthaginians, Byzantines, Greeks, Arabs, Normans, Swabians and the Spanish. Many ancient monuments still exist today, lending the city a unique appearance.
Palermo Cathedral
  Palma de Mallorca
Chief town of the Balearic archipelago, Palma is located on the southern coast of Majorca. Among its highlights you can visit the gothic Cathedral, the "Pueblo Espanol", the Bellver Castle which offers an amazing view over the whole city and the central Plaza de Toro. The historic center offers many typical shops and boutiques.
Bellver Castle
  Port Mahon, Menorca
Known as the Windy Island, legend tells that the winds of Menorca modify the personality of people. Maybe that is the reason why those who came here once as tourists mostly return ... Menorca certainly has a very strong personality, and a very different one to the rest of the islands. Menorca, the "minor" island, as it was called by Romans, has an almost virginal interior (compared for instance to the "major" island, Mallorca) and shows interesting remains of its old history. On the other hand, there are beaches and lonely bays around it at a length of 216 kilometers. An ideal resort for all those who are looking for true relaxation.
Menorca port
  Praia da Rocha (Algarve), Portugal
Even by the glorious standards of Portugal's Algarve, Praia da Rocha's golden beaches stretch to a chain of smaller, hidden beaches under rugged cliffs. Just inland is the Ria de Alvor estuary, home to flocks of wild birds. Don't miss the 17th century Santa Catarina Fortress.
Algarve coast
  Tangiers, Morocco
At the crossroads of Africa and Europe, the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, Tangier has an individual character. It is one of the oldest cities in Morocco. The Phoenicians and Carthaginians established trading posts here. The Romans made it a capital city. It was occupied by the Arabs and invaded by Vandals and Visigoths. Before the Spanish, the Portuguese controlled the town. In the early part of the 20th century, Tangier was an international city whose tax-free status and cosmopolitan image attracted European and American artists and writers.
Colors of Morocco

  Trapani, Sicily
This beautiful west coast corner of Sicily is brimming with wonderful medieval architecture, irresistible cuisine and bags of laid-back charm. Stroll around the picturesque Old Town, clustered with Baroque churches, piazzas and a cathedral, or if you're feeling a bit more energetic, climb the 14th century bell tower for glorious views of the Gulf of Trapani. Trapani gives access to the ancient city of Segesta. The site was abandoned in the Middle Ages but the ruins include a large theatre and an unfinished temple, one of the best-preserved Doric temples in Sicily.

  Tunis, Tunisia
Tunisia's capital and largest city, and gateway to the Roman and Punic ruins of Carthage. Avenue Bourguiba has the main monuments in the new part of Tunis (the ville nouvelle), but the most interesting sights are in the large and labyrinthine medina lined with stalls selling everything from camel meat and henna. The Zitouna Mosque (also called the Great Mosque) is the city's main congregational mosque. The former palaces of Dar Lasram, Dar Ben Abdallah and Dar Othman have been converted into museums or cultural centers - their architectural features are also very interesting. The country's most renowned museum, the Bardo Museum, has an excellent collection of mosaics and classical sculpture in addition to other Punic and Roman artifacts - it's a must-see.
Tunis colorful tile

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